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I tried putting a car seat in the rear seat of a 1995 S500 (65,000 miles) and ruined the seatbelt retracting mechanism. When the dealership in Jackson, MS checked it out, they told me that a replacement was the only to repair this problem and that it would cost roughly $500 between parts and labor. Is this price correct? I simply cannot belive that it would cost this much to fix a safety item. Any information about this repair or this dealership would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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<br> Rather vague there in the description.<br> Do you mean 'I put a child car seat in <br> the center rear seat of my car and cannot<br> get the belt tight'?<br> <br> If so, check out<br> That is our solution to the child seat looseness<br> problem in our S320. Since the cost is only<br> $20, please send me half the $ you saved NOT<br> having the belt replaced!<br> <br> NB: The MightyTite really holds the child seat<br> tight to the W140 seat. So much so it will crease<br> your leather seat if so equipped. My solution <br> was to cut a standard issue US Army closed cell<br> foam sleeping pad to fit under the child seat.<br> This protects the leather seat and costs about <br> five dollars.<p>
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