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Seat types in the S-Class

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I've been looking to buy a S600 and I noticed that there are different types of seats. A comfortable seat is very important for me, thus I would like to know what kind of different seats there are for the S-class and which one is the best one.

When I was looking at a few S W221 cars, I noticed two which had different types of seats. They look similar, but are not the same type of seat.

Here's the picture:

The #1 picture has a stitched line across the middle of it, while the #2 picture doesn't have it at all. I don't care about the stitching at all, would just like to know whether these are different types of seats in the two cars shown, or are they the same but with a different stitching pattern.
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The seats in the pic are the same, only difference is 1 has rear seat entertainment and 2 does not. 2 has the same stitching but because it's a darker color the pic does not show it. Pic 1 is a lighter color thus it stands out. Otherwise the two are very similar.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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