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seat pads

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thank you for the assistance last week on interior colors. i have ordered leather interior from gahh (seats, door panels, seatbacks, convertible deck, etc). plan to have it this week, and work on it this weekend. although i can't really say there is a problem with the seats pads - the leather itself is dried, cracked, and taring, so i'm guessing that maybe i should just plan on replacing the pads. i really don't want to get seats ripped apart, and then have to order and wait for new pads. comments on this aspect?

and if i decide to get new pads, any suggestions as to going with horsehair, rubberized, and/or which vendor? are seatbacks generally okay, and just the bottoms?

tia. dave.
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islander2 said:
Did you ever replace the seat pads? If so, where did you find them?

It's only money. You really should replace them. Putting new covers on old pads is like putting a new bra on falsies. GAHH has them and they have a reputation for having the best interior stuff.
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