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Seat Back Adjuster - Misaligned

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Hi all,

In a quest to make myself fit better into my 79 450SL I was turning the seat adjuster knob and the seat became misaligned.

I.E - The left side of the backrest is more forward than the right side. :(

Does anyone have any advise and it appears to be not turning the gear. I sprayed some penetrating lube on the gear itself in hopes of freeing it up but didn't have any luck.

Any advise is appreciated.

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Thanks for the info everyone! I'm going to give it a go this weekend. It's seriously cold here at the moment

I'll let you know how I make out. :)
FYI - I just had a look at the mechanism and roscosdad it's like your 380sl.

Thanks again.
I'm in Sudbury. :)
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I was able to realign the back of the seat. Woohoo! Thanks again for everyone's help!

Now on to adjusting the seat height. I see at the back of each seat rail on the drivers side there are two plastic levers that I believe are used to raise or lower the seat depending on their position. Mine are currently horizontal. I'm hoping to lower the seat, again any advise is appreciated.
Worked like a charm. Thanks! :)
Oh wow, what are the chances of that! Small world indeed.

Well once spring rolls around we can arrange something.
Half way sounds good to me. Parry Sound is a nice place. I take day trips their on my motorcycle from time to time.

Well Nobby, if we do drink and you get into my car don't brake my auto stick trying to find reverse :)
I don't play Hockey......wait I've said to much. :)

Seriously though, I'll try and get a photo posted. It's in need of a detail job. That will happen come spring, since I just brought it home Monday.
Green whore

Nobby, my interior is black :)
1 - 11 of 32 Posts
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