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Seat and steering wheel Swap

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Was just wonder if anybody had swapped steering whells and what all that entails and also has anyone swapped out thier seat with another kind.
Any information would greatly appreciated. you have to remove the steering wheel to remove the instrument cluster?
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Steering wheel


Does your car have an air bag, if it does i'm not sure of the procedure.
If not, flick out the plastic disc with the MB star on it in the centre of the wheel with a screwdriver and you will then see an alan key fitment down the centre 10mm I think. Remove the alan ket bolt and the wheel just pulls off.

To remove a front seat, slide it all the way back, remove the two 10mm bolts at each front corner (you may have to remove plastic trims covering the bolts), then slide the seat all the way forward and remove the two rear 10mm bolts. Then either slide the hole seat off the seat belt stalk guide.

Replace the seat in reverse order.

You don't have to remove the steering wheel to remove the instrument cluster.
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