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1974 450SLC and 1973 350SLC
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I need to get a new set of wires but i dont want the Resistors in the plug ends..I can't find them..Or if i could find the screw terminal ends in a universal set i would do that, but where? Can i just get the screw ends and the boot and then i could get the universal set..
I've searched in town and no luck..

My 350 SLC has the 5k ohm resistors in the plug ends and the sae type dist terminals.. and my '74 450 SLC has the 1k Ohm resistors in the plug ends with screw type.Now i have NGKbp5es plugs and will swithch to bpR6es when i get the non resistor wires.....I dont use the Trigger points or ECU or the ignition parts on my car as i Mega-squirted and have one plug wire the works 95 percent ,when it misfires my O2 sensors really bobbles..the end that is in the plug part does seperate if pulled on....Jeff
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