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someone was trying to make a left hand turn in the middle lane of a 3 lane road. I happened to be on the left lane going straight. They nicked me and I got a couple of scratches. I have a black C230 sports sedan. I got a few scratches on the front side of my car next to the headlights. The scratch isn't too deep and no paint was really removed. I think it was just paint from the car that nicked me. My bumper got scrape about 2 inches wide and 1/2 an inch wide.

What would you recommend to get the scratches removed?

Mike T.
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i would try to buff it out with a buffer and then apply good wax on it but if it doesnt work i'd take it to a detailing place they should be able to get it out.....
Thanks for the replies!

How much would it usually be if I take it to a detailing shop? Also, what is the best source to find a good detailing shop? I live on Long Island.


Thanks for the reply. what would you recommend for buffering and waxing?

I dunno what it's like in your neck of the woods but around here most detailing workshops concentrate on volume cleaning major manufacturer's models for dealerships with little or no experience in prestige/concourse paint finishing.

Try a prestige panel shop. They won't be too expensive but more importantly will know what they're doing. I've worked in both and can testify.

At any rate, a light fine-grade sanding and proper buffing/finishing (detailers generally do the buffing but not the buff-finishing, so leave all the cutters swirls and ultra-fine scratches in the paint and just polish over the can see it out in the sun on various angles as psychodelic swirls instead of a deep, liquid finish).

Especially since your car is black, I suggest a high quality prestige paint shop/panel beater. And get the whole thing buffed/finished whilst you're there.
Even road dust scratches black over time.

And since you're paying for a professional job, be a real hard arse. Tell them how you don't like seeing any scratches in the paint at all and then show them when you move your head around different angles in the light you can always see scratches, it's so annoying. Paint should be liquid smooth and deep. Pay them extra. Offer to take the guy's wife out for dinner. But no scratches when you pick the Merc up.

That should get you a proper finish all over. Make sure it's a top notch prestige paint shop though, who're used to dealing with pedantic owners in an honest fashion.

Oh and you don't like touch-ups because they look messy. Make a couple of complaints about the C230's styling too. Like the headlights could've been a little squarer 'round the edges and the steering wheel a little further over to one side. Be nice, just eccentric.
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It depends on the size, deepness, and length of the scratches. I would get a cost from the body shop to repaint, and a cost to remove out the scratches.

If it is big and deep, you are better off getting that area smooth down and repainted.

If it is small, try a cleaner or Meguaries scratch X with a DA polisher.

If that does not work: clean the area, use touch up paint, and wet sand. A body shop can wet sand. Most detailer will not be able to wet sand unless it is a custom car shop. I learned how to wet sand and got great results.
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