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Slowly gathering some missing or damaged parts to go on the 81 380sl I bought for my wife when I saw a local CL posting for a vintage MB tool bag with no photos for $25. My first thought was that it was just for the empty tool bag but when I contacted the seller she tells me there are a few tools included.

Turns out, the tool bag set is from her first MB her dad bought her (1982 380sl) and she found the bag of tools while cleaning. It included the lug wrench, spark plug extension, 3 wrenches, 1 smooth bar that inserts into a hole on the spark plug ext. One long extension piece, pair of pliers and one double end Phillips screwdriver shaft. So it looks like I am only missing one long extension and the plastic screwdriver handle to have a complete set of trunk tools. And I almost forgot, it also has the plastic box of extra fuses with 6 OE fuses intact.

Not a bad find for only $25 and the seller even met me at my office downtown Chgo to drop it off. As luck would have it, I was missing the factory lug wrench and jack. Picked up a jack a few weeks ago for $10 at a local salvage yard.

I'm sure my savings on these parts will be offset by all the other goodies I will need to buy along the way......
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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