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Though this was on my CL500 2007 the same will apply to the 230

All new ECU's and control units on these cars now come pre coded to suit the vin of the car, so not so easy to change these things.

I had a fault code and it worked out to be the N69/1 door control left, so I bought the new door control, it said it needed to be SCN coded to the car.

Anyway I fitted it and ran a STAR test and the new ECU could not be recognised. Star did tell me that it was coded for the dynamic seats, soft close, keyless go and all the rest. It did not fix the fault as it has turned out to be a wiring fault. Doing a STAR quick test showed no faults so this means that any control unit that is replaced, can only be entered in the car by having online STAR

You are lucky in the USA as all parts are much cheaper than in the UK, the one saving grace is that this door control was £100 cheaper than one for a SL

For those of us that have our own STAR they will eventually the way things are going will only have a limited use.
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