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Schuey unhurt in bike crash
Eurosport - Tue, 15 Apr 15:05:00 2008
Michael Schumacher on was unhurt after a 80kph fall on Monday as he continued his foray into the world of motorcycle racing.

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Bild newspaper claims that the fall, at the Lausitzring circuit in Germany, was one of three falls in total for the former champion since he began regularly sampling the thrills of two-wheeled action.

On Monday, the 39-year-old was testing an IDM (German Superbike) Honda when he crashed. "This sort of thing happens," he said.

Schumacher's other falls reportedly occurred in April, at the Bresse circuit in France.

His wife, Corinna, told the Frankfurt newspaper FAS that she will not forbid Schumacher from riding.

"Michael knows exactly what he is doing," she said. "I trust him absolutely and will not begrudge him his fun."

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I agree. Michael is one of the most intuitive speed merchants ever. Despite my dislike of Ferrari, I have to confess to serious respect for Schuey. He brought the sport of F1 alive, before nearly killing it with his achievement. Ironic but true.

Take it easy Michael - you've nothing left to prove to us, only yourself!
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