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sbu driveshaft ?

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while getting ready to install the drive shaft between the bell housing and the trans, my buddy told me i need to offset the u-joints (in other words, place the splined part so that the u joints are 90 degrees off from eachother) to avoid bad vibes....i dont think ive ever heard of sure most of you know if this needs to be done. thanks, kris
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As a side note I installed 45 degree grease zerks on the u-joints so they can be greased once in a while. Just take the plug out of the center and replace with a metric fitting.
SDO jr. here, there's a plug in the center of the u-joint, at least on mine. So if you put a 90 or 45 zerk, it will point outward so you could grease it with the driveshaft in place. I think it's 8mm maybe.
I would think so, I got mine at ACE hardware. A 45 is easier on the tranny side, but a PITA to install.
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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