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sbu driveshaft ?

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while getting ready to install the drive shaft between the bell housing and the trans, my buddy told me i need to offset the u-joints (in other words, place the splined part so that the u joints are 90 degrees off from eachother) to avoid bad vibes....i dont think ive ever heard of sure most of you know if this needs to be done. thanks, kris
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its only done IF the drive shaft dose not have markings to line up (i.e. arrows etc) or a spline that stops you placing it in the wrong way, if you havent pulled the shaft apart yet and you didnt have bad vibes befor then dont do it, as it would have been balanced at the factory how it was, if you need to pull it apart put your owne markings on it prior to taking it apart to make shore you put it back how it was.

also check the bolt that holds the flange on the bell housing is not lose, as thay sometimes come lose and cause play in the flange etc, use thread lock ;)
that would be the best thing to do, then you know its corect :thumbsup:
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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