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sbu driveshaft ?

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while getting ready to install the drive shaft between the bell housing and the trans, my buddy told me i need to offset the u-joints (in other words, place the splined part so that the u joints are 90 degrees off from eachother) to avoid bad vibes....i dont think ive ever heard of sure most of you know if this needs to be done. thanks, kris
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im thinking ill just send it back for a rebalance...and mention this shaft spin 2800 rpm.
sdo, great idea about replacing the zerks with a 45 zerk. ...but im not sure what you mean about the plug. im assuming i just cant unscrew the original and replace with a 45?
ah got it....mine had zerks in place...90s....i wonder if a 45 would takr grease easier? im planning in putting the shaft in in a few days. can i get a metric zerk at napa?
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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