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SBU air brake issue

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Howdy All,
I've noticed that it now takes more gauge pressure (7+ bar as opposed to 6bar) for the parking brake to fully release. It used to move immediately at 6 bar and now at the higher pressure one side drags a little. I don't hear air leaking. Any ideas? Thanks,
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Its used a lot in component assembly. I used to work at a transmission shop and they bought it by the 5 gallon pail for putting automatic transmissions back together, we always laughed at the poor guy who had to do down and buy the pail, and the excuses he'd have to give ;)
Vaseline is a bit cheaper than assembly lube, and when it heats up, it melts into the oil. It does not have good ( or any..) shear strength, but if it is just used to make things slippery for assembly, it is probably OK. If it is used for Lubrication of moving parts under stress, it won't be OK.
I was tearing a carb apart for a jet boat out in Igiugig, land of the 36'' Rainbow Trout and the Old Timer told me to put some bag balm on it. Referring to the separating and torn gasket. Bag Balm was the cure all.
truktor read the last sentence slowly and think about it ha
truktor read the last sentence slowly and think about it ha
Dirty minds...:eek:
Question about taking out 4 way valve.
I tried to use a 28mm flat wrench and stripped one of the brass fitting edges.
I stopped there, and decided to use flare nut wrench.
Problem is I can't find that size of flare nut wrench.
What are other non destructive ways of disconnecting those 7 lines that run to that valve ??


It's 24mm not 28mm.
Metric Adapters

Me again.

Anybody knows where to find metric adapters like these?

I need 22mm/1.5mm Female to 16mm/1.5mm Male
and 18mm/1.5mm Male to 16mm/1.5mm Male.

Preferably in Canada.
Around here, Rinky Dinks. In canada...who the hell knows!



Are you talking about the airline fittings for the plastic hose? If so there is a Legris Dealer in Calgary and Edmonton

They sell the Instant Fittings, which I used, and I think the compression fittings, They provided me with some 8mm to 6mm fittings, as well as others

All those whose truck is taking longer to build air to release the brakes? see my post a few weeks back on the errant air valve that I thought was something to do with the deep wader system. (its the one that sits up and behind the battery box on a U1300) I also thought I had a leaky locker....but after I replaced that valve....the locker worked again and air builds quicker than before and the brakes release a bit sooner, the air even stays higher on the guage between applications of the brakes. A word of warning....on mine at least, if you take that valve apart be prepared to have the truck off the road while you wait for a new one....the screw heads shear unless you have the facility to drill the screws out and re-tap, cleaning it is probably not an option. I made sure on my 'new' one to take out the screws and grease them and smother the body (and top where the 'circlip' lives) with grease to keep it in better condition than the 'seized' state that mine was in. Just as an aside.... Any ex truckers on here who find it a bit disconcerting only having the one air guage?? I had many years of keeping my eye on multiple guages and it felt more comfortable than just the one?
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21 - 31 of 31 Posts
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