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SBC Replacement Kit.

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Does anyone know of any shops out there that provide complete SBC system replacements. With all the taxi cabs in Europe getting older, there must be a shop or two out there making conversion kits to replace the SBC with a regular ABS Brake system. The SBC is a great system and provides phenomenal braking power when you really need it. I had to slam on the brakes a couple of times and it makes the car stop on a dime, no question. Repair costs, however appear to be through the roof.

As air shock problems became an opportunity for Arnott, there must be a shop out there for SBC conversions. I looked on the web and I did not find anything, but I would be very surprised if there was not a shop or two in Germany making good money with this.

I know the electronics and the stability control are complex issues that would have to be re-engineered. Just looking at "can do" options for the aging Benz with SBC.
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I looked around just as project to see what the alternatives are and as of now could not find any. I honestly believe that due to reasons you mentioned that there may never be a refit to conventional ABS. However there may very well be third party replacements too keep repair costs down. If that is the case I am not sure if I would spend the money on the OEM Bosch or risk a third party part.
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