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2002 SLK 32 AMG
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Yesterday I took the wifey out for a ride to Ottis lake in Western MA. I saw a pretty little Silver SLK possibly special edition between Ottis and Blanford. Could that have possibly been any of you? I was in the Bahama Blue SLK32 that passed you going in the opposite direction.

I also saw another Silver SLK in Wilbraham MA, parked in Horizon's Parking lot. Was that anyone of you? [:)]

It was a very nice day for a ride. I got sunburned again, grrrr. My darn pills react with the sun, I had a hat and sun glasses on too. On our ride, several people cheered NICE CAR! This guy on a Harley was along side of me with his wife telling me that he wants to sell his bike and get one that he really likes the car, then asked, "is it worth it, it looks like you two are really having fun?" I laughed and said, well, its a lot easier getting head while your driving than what your riding. They started to laugh so hard I thought they were going to drop their bike. hahahaha. My wife slapped my arm like... I can't believe you just said that! I can't believe I said that either, it just came out!

At the lights he started to rev it up, it was so loud I got caught up in the moment, he took off like a rocket, but that SLK32 had no problem staying with him and passing him. Wow, fast car. At the next light he was bobbing his head telling me over and over, "yep, I'm selling this and getting one of those, that is one nice car!"

Believe it or not, laugh, I just wanted to get away from the noise he was making with those stupid loud pipes.
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