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The C320 stands up pretty good next to it when you consider MB's '03 E320 has got to be the best 6-cyl. auto ever made.

I'd say with the E320, you get quite a bit for the extra $10K, and probably because MB plans on selling so many Es for full MSRP for well over a year, they've managed to keep the price at a level where it seems that you get value commensurate with the increase in price.

However, with the discount from MSRP that you can get on a C, I think the C-Class will be the best value for a long time. I wouldn't be surprised to see that such a good car as the "E" will actually sell more Cs than ever; unless you want a 112+ inch wheelbase, the new C is the best sedan to get.

the S-Class will still be the car for the 65 and older folks: the new E is a big car but you sit fairly low for old legs--probably at least as low as the C-Class. The new E has a long hood and probably will get the industry's best crash stats ever.

The E also is almost 200 lbs heavier and yet is gets a higher EPA est. fwy mpg. I'll never understand that: both the C320 and the E320 have 0.27 drag coeff's.
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