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I must admit that driving one was my mistake also!

I was looking for a car as my daughter needed one and I stumbled across this 2006 S430 4-matic. I stopped in when the dealer was open, asked a few questions, checked out the car for awhile then said I would return.

The next day I drove a 2003 to see how it had held up and I was amazed. I had driven the Audi A8L, the Acura RL and they just didn't feel like this S430.

So I went back to the dealer with the 2006 and drove that one for a nice 20-30 minutes. After 3-5 days of negotiations, I got it for the price I wanted. It only had 30,500 miles on it, this was last year around this time. I think I have 37k on it. It should last me a very long time...unless I get fed up with some of the electrical quirks....

However, for me to get rid of it, I HAVE to find another car that drives as nice as this does. I got a loaner C350 last week and it's just not the same. Yes, it was fun and fast, but just nothing like my S Class.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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