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Hey, I've not really been here much lately, been spending all my time over in the w126 forum. If you recall, I had gotten the beat up dirty ML430 for 1k, and I bought a sat nav CD from one of you guys.

When I first put my CD in, and the car thought it was in the ocean, I was told here I needed a new antenna, but is seemed to fix itself before I got around to doing that.

I was heading up to San Francisco a couple of weeks ago and I put my address in, but I didn't bother to active the route until I got to SF, then it once again thought it was in the ocean, or I should say it thought it was in Santa Cruz then after driving enough it thought it was in the ocean. It has yet to fix itself.

This might be related; I did do the iPod integration, and the day I was heading up that was no longer working, so I took the unit out I rest it. (Plugged the CD player in, then switched back to ipod) and that fixed it, but it may or may not have led to the sat nav problem.

One more piece of information, on occasion I get this weird squeaking/scratching noise coming for the back of the car, and only when it is moving. Its not mechanical, it seems to be coming from the area under the antenna on the back, but I have no idea what it is. Its not common, but it happens some times.

Any idea on the sat nav problem? Should I go back to the idea of getting a new antenna?
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