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Sad sunroof part. Where did it come from?

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Suddenly, My sunroof won’t close all the way because it impinges on the wind deflector. So now I need to pull the deflector down with my finger and carefully close it. I finally decided to actually look at it and I found this sad little piece of rubber/felt laying next to the track on the front left. It must have something to do with lowering the air deflector. Even if I know where it goes I fear putting it back because it WILL crumble. What to do?
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Looks like a broken sunroof slider. They are available from Mercedes source and probably elsewhere.

I have a manual roof that doesn't use these sliders but I believe you need to remove the sunroof panel to change.

I have removed the panel on my car about 5's pretty straightforward to do.

It looks like the other half of the slider is wedged in a place it shouldn't be and that's why the deflector isn't lowering.

If you remove the other broken bit, it will probably close OK, but best to replace the slider at some point.
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