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Sad news

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After 20 years of ownership, I handed the keys to my son to drive back in October. Well, he rear ended another car yesterday. I am afraid there is enough damage to call it total loss. I saw the car today at the tow park, probably the last time. 😞 I will probably get a check for 3k after 1k deductible. With this budget, what kind of car can I buy that is as safe as a W163? There are not many W163 left on the market.
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Ah, sorry to here about your w163 loss.
Certainly happy to know that no one was hurt.
Young'ems - I think we all go thru this scenario to some degree.

I think you'll be able to find a decent w163 replacement and with your veteran skills...a cake walk, eh?

Maybe pound cake, but still.
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