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Sad news

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After 20 years of ownership, I handed the keys to my son to drive back in October. Well, he rear ended another car yesterday. I am afraid there is enough damage to call it total loss. I saw the car today at the tow park, probably the last time. 😞 I will probably get a check for 3k after 1k deductible. With this budget, what kind of car can I buy that is as safe as a W163? There are not many W163 left on the market.
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Sorry for your loss. Glad your son is OK. YOUR choice of vehicle may have just saved him from serious injury or worse. Well done, Dad!

The whole car insurance thing is a racket. It makes no allowances for people who care for their cars. You get "averaged down" to everyone else who sees cars as "A to B". I'm trying to arrange an agreed price with my insurer. Not having a lot of luck .

Good luck with your search.
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