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Sad new owner vario roof issue

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It was a bad car weekend for me. Issues with other cars besides my
New 2003 SL55

Had the car sitting in the garage with the top open. Decided to close her up
And the trunk opens top lifts to the first posistion. Pack position I believe it's called. Pumps runs seems to be trying to lift the top
But if wouldn't go.

Fluid level in the pump looks good and I do not see any
Obvious leaks.

I did some research that suggests possibly micro
Switch S117 may have an issue that can cause this to happen.

I did close the top via the manual procedure and
Wow what a pita that is.

Any suggestions or ideas please ?

I do not have a scan tool what is the go to these days for the
Cheap version ?
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Look into the iCarsoft MB-II.
Thanks. Have you used icarsoft ?
Seems to be mixed reviews on how well it works.
I have not used iCarsoft myself, but I know many who have and for the ability to read codes from all systems, it's the east expensive option.

I use SDS, but that's not for everyone. The cost is higher and requires some computer and diagnostic skills to use.
Here is the WIS doc for removing that panel to access S117:
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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