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Seems that you already are looking outside MB, but for future reference, the absolute bare minimum needed to run the car is...

ESM (shifter)
Left front SAM
Right front SAM
Rear SAM (for fuel pump)

ABS, ESP and others can be coded out or otherwise removed with a fuse, as you may have noted. For the cluster to work, ABS must be connected since the speedo is taken speed from the ABS sensors. But literally everything else can be gutted and car will still start and drive.

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Figuring out how much pressure the power steering rack needs so we can buy and fab up an appropriately sized pump.
Guys who have converted V12's from ABC Suspension use a regular V8 S430 / 500 W220 PAS Pump and do a mod on the Bracketry and one Pipe end ;)

I'd recommend buying 12 MB M113 V8 Coils, they have dual HT Outputs as the V8 has 2 Plugs per Cylinder same as the V12, but the V8's don't use the Transformer or Cassette Coils they use 2 short HT Leads to the Plugs, so you could make up HT Leads any length you like (shorter the better though), and mount the Coils where you like ;)

Your Custom ECU will be fine triggering them.

HTH, Cheers Dave
21 - 24 of 24 Posts