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S600 Suspension Problem & braking problem

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My 1999 S600 has a clunking noise in the rear suspension that the dealer has struck out on three occassions to diagnose. <br> <br> Rear suspension clunks when going slowly over speed bumps or slowly over uneven surfaces such as entering driveways etc.<br> <br> In addition, when braking hard the front of the car pulls to the left side. Alignment checks out o.k. Dealer has decided to put all new bushings in front end. Still did not fix problem. Any ideas?<br> <br>
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Re: S600 Suspension Problem & braking problem

I had a clunk in the was a worn sway bar ball joint if you can believe it. These cars have ball joints for the anti-roll bar!! How sick is that? So I'm not sure about the rears, but I'm assuming they may have the same. Secondly, a guess as to the left side pull may be a seized front right caliper...causing all the braking to be done by the left caliper and hence the pull to that side. Good luck.<br> <br>
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