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hey people i am taking off my carlsson rims off the s55 amg i put on! its 1/16 ultra light forged rims!!! its aluminun polish it looks great on the car but i have to sell it away coz my parents say it looks so not asian so!! there we go lol!!

this are the dimensions on the rims!

8,5 x 20
9,5 x 20

tires are prillei whatever how to spell it i dont know p zero nero i believe front is 255/30/20 and the rear is 275/30/20

it has like 2000 miles on them only.. then my parents flew in!!! LOL

i am asking right about 6000 dollars including tires shipping and everything if anyone wants them let me know! it fits all s classes w220 its an awesome rim!!! here are some pictures i attached them i bought the rims at 14,000 dollars total... i am selling it for less then half the price! 310 801 9085 let me know if you wanna come see it and all that thanks alot! it is in perfect condition!


1 - 2 of 2 Posts