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Hi guys,
I'm new to the forum, but I have an interesting situation:
I have 2001 S430, and of course the airmatic system fell apart ;) well, what happened is the car started going down on the front end, so I took it to an independent MB mechanic, and he said the shocks need to be replaced, so I decided to take it to the steeler, and after another $120 for diagnostics they second the first opinion. I bought the Arnott shocks and replaced them myself.
Car still went down !!! So, I decided to replace the valve block, which I bought from eBay (used, but the seller guaranteed it 100%) and in fact after replacement the car stayed up for a while and then it will sink only after 3-4 days, again only in the Front end.
Of course I performed countless soapy water tests on all components, and no leak could be detected.
After researching, I decided to replace the airmatic pump and the relay as it did overwork while there was a leak and my research on this great forum did reveal that many people had the same problem, and when they replaced the pump the problem resolved.

I bought the pump from ebay, and I am on my third pump after having to return the first two, and here is my QUESTION:
Every time I install the new pump, with the relay it will NOT start, and when I put my old pump back it starts !!!!!! This occurred with ALL three pumps I tried so far???? Could they ALL be faulty pump, or am I doing someone wrong?
Do I need to disconnect the battery, etc...
I did check the fuses and they are fine.....and how come when I reinstall my old one (which I think is weak), is starts right away!!

Any assistance is greatly appreciated....
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