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?'s prior to purchase 09 cls 550

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i think I'm about to purchase a 09 cls 550 and would like a little input from the pros first. I'm not a small guy, the doors look so small, does anyone have any issues getting in and out of the car? I recently sold my 911 daily driver and it wore me out getting in and also wore me out as a daily driver.

Second, i was all set on the silver. Went to visit dealer and noticed the front mesh grills are now painted silver. Is this new in 09? I always thought they were painted black and does anyone think the appearance of the silver car is hurt by the silver mesh grills? thanks
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I'm 6'2" and comfortable in the car. But I'm only 175 pounds. When you say that you are not small, I'mnot sure which dimension you are referring to. Even tall is different for different people. My height is in my legs.

The mesh is silver. I never noticed. Thought it was black. Looks black because it's set back in the shadow. Looks nice. Can't imagine anyone not buying the car cause of that.
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