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The C32 has an in-built (electronic?/hydraulic?) clutch that cuts boost below 2,300rpm to promote fuel efficiency.

I want to remove it and make it a 'direct drive' supercharger like the Kleeman blowers are. No waiting till you hit 2,300rpm. No boost drop-off when you round a tight corner in 'D', waiting for boost to hit again.

I've googled and found nothing. :crybaby2:

I've searched the stickies and found nothing. :crybaby2:

Two questions:

1. Can I do this?

And perhaps more importantly...

2. Has anyone else done this?

Cheers boys,
MALOSINZ :thumbsup:
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From what I've read its some type of electro magnetic linkage. I haven't heard of anyone doing it and removing it would be probably almost impossible, but maybe you could simply reprogram the computer to leave it linked all the time. People and companies can adjust every other variable, so why not that?
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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