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The car is out of warranty due to milage, the original player worked fine for 3 years, then it eventually would not eject the CD magazine. But still played and selected as normal, just CD mag was in thier for months, boring right?

Dealer could not find the problem, blamed the CD unit and said replace.

I got one from Performance Products plugged it in, it worked and stopped, now my CDs are stuck again.

They are sending me another one, the dealer tried to install the new one and no luck at all, they bypassed the system so I have radio in the meantime.

It seems that the CD unit is not getting any power, all fuses are good, dealer thinks it is a fiber optic issue?

I dont get it why this is becoming a nightmare for a simple CD changer. Anyone face this problem before, or any troubleshooting I can do On my own
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