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This isn't exactly the company results just my personal feelings after completing the my portion of the testing. <br>
I was never of the mind set that the S-02pp was the very best maximum performance tire because I repeatedly was able<br>
to run faster laps on the Pilot Sports from Michelin. <br>
The testing included 3 top shelf tires. Pilot Sports, P-Zero Rosso's and the S-03pp. On the street portion of the<br>
testing I felt that the P-zero had the best ride quality and least amount of tendency to follow road irreularities.<br>
The pilot Sports had a noticable faster steering response than either of the other 2 tires. while the S-03pp was very<br>
quiet and seemed to offer a good amount of braking grip. <br>
On to the track testing. I looking forward to the track time because it was going to be interesting to see what<br>
happened since I already knew about the steering response advantage of the Pilot Sport and braking grip from highway<br>
speed the S-03pp's had shown. The P-zero predictably didn't fair well on the track. I ran 2-4% faster on the S-03's<br>
than the Pilot Sports and felt more in control of the car even though i was going faster. The quicker steering<br>
response of the Michelin was out muscled by the extra grip of the S-03. <br>
The S-03 Pole Position is a hands down winner in my opinion. Better grip, excellent ride and noise quality, good wear<br>
characteristics and faster lap times. <br>
I guess the updated technology paid off in performance.<br>
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