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Standard auto ramps like Rhino Ramps available at Autozone or Advanced Auto parts stores won' work with the AMG bumper because the bumper hits the ramp before the tire starts up the incline. I found these EZ Ramp Levelers at that are like Lego blocks. They are intended to level RV vehicles and trailers. You can build 2.5", 3.5", or 4.5" ramps with 3, 6, or 10 blocks (per wheel). There is only 4" of clearance under the corner of the AMG bumper so 3.5" is has high as you can use.

Raising the wheels off th ground 3.5" is not enough to do anything under the car, but, it is high enough to slip a standard floor jack under the front end and lift up the car using the jacking point on the crossmember below the engine.

The EZ Ramp blocks are a little over 8" square. You can use one block under each tire to raise the car to apply tire dressing since the edge of the tire overhangs the block. Cost for the ramps is less than $5/block including shipping. Order direct from the manaufacturer since their prices seem to be lower than other retailers.

Another good thing about these ramps is that if you inadvertently drive completely over the ramps, they won't hit the bottom of the side skirts.


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