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Anyone have experience in Rustproofing there cars?
Are you happy with the results?
What are the most critical areas to get rustproofing?
Does it drip in the summer?
What about Ziebart, or other companies?
Is a mixture of wax/parafin the best?
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Scam? No. Over priced service? Yes. This is something that you can do yourself. It is a good idea to have rust proofing, especially where you are. I have done it on other vehicles, but my main purpose was sound dampening. I used a two step process. Remove the wheel well covers and engine belly covers. First, I would brush or sand any areas where I saw rust, and then I mask all things that I do not want to get coated. I like to use aluminum foil to wrap a lot of the parts because it is quick to apply and remove. You can wrap it and squeeze it to fit. We are not looking for neat paint lines hear. I tape body parts. You may want to wash some areas prior to coating. Then I apply a rust converter primer to those areas. It will chemically change the rust to a black primer. I then spray on rubberized under coating. Some undercoatings are better than others, pick what you like. Some have more rubber to absorb sound others are more geared for rust proofing. Coat those areas and the drive train tunnel paying special attention to areas that may hold stones and salt. If you want, you can remove door panels and coat the interior panels as well as the trunk area.
Sorry to run on but, you should be able to do it for $50 and gain a ton of pride in the end result.
Having said all of this, there is an open MB campaign to further rust proof the doors. Do a search.
Now, get to work.
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1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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