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Rusted steel hardines - HELP

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My son has a 98 ML320 that was given to him by a friend. The steel fuel lines going to the rear of the vehicle are both badly rusted and have leaks in several spots. We want to get them both replaced to be on the safe side . I've done some research online and here on the forums. From what I've found each line just be around $85 and already prefabricated to fit into the vehicle.

My question is....where would be the best place to purchase the parts from and then how long should it take for such a repair? I've called around and am getting varied costs. I just want to know what's involved so that I can be educated to make the right choice.

Thanks all!!
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The fuel lines are plastic. Are you sure you are not referring to the brake lines?
It is a huge box. I got free shipping, but less of a discount.
Here is a starting point. Adjust it to a 1998 model and then take the part numbers shown and run them on That will be about your lowest price for genuine lines.
I admire DIY, but this is a beast of a job and a lift is something that you have to have to be able to maneuver the new lines into place without hurting them. Also take this as a time to do a complete flush and bleed of the brake fluid. Replace with DOT4+ only.
BRAKE LINES. Fits: 2000 Mercedes ML 320 | Mercedes-Benz of South Atlanta
I agree and seeing how bad the lines were after about a dozen winters of salt convinced me and my tech to replace them with factory parts. I make brake lines all the time for my track car, but to make the lines for ML would have been a lot of lost time. They were worth the money IMO.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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