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I don't have any experience with the Auberins Gauge,but if the two gentlemen above vouch
For it, I would trust their opinion.
The sender for the stock water temp gauge is up front, next to the Thermostat housing on the front, top, driver's side of the engine. It is really the only wire in that area.
There is a thread on here regarding the installation of the EGT gauge. I did it before the turbo, which is recommended as being more accurate than after the turbo.... I drilled and tapped it without the engine running, used grease on the tap, and drill, and then snuck a small flexible tube hooked up to a shop vac down the manifold to patrol for any shavings that got away. I used Autometer gauges, but as long as the gauge is from a reputable manufacturer, you should be good to go.
Once you get the EGT gauge installed, I think you'll find your eyes going to that one first and always.
Thanks! We will update our build thread as we get this installed.

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The Dodge Cummins boys have information regarding installing an EGT gauge, which is easy to find, and it is pretty much the same stuff you will find anywhere, there just might
Be more of it.
Some guys recommend drilling the exhaust manifold while the engine is running, the idea
Being that small chips from the drilling/tapping will be sent through the turbo and evacuated....
To each his own, but I did it "Cold" for a few reasons : A. No hot surfaces to burn myself
With. B. No whirling steel fan blade spinning nearby to get clobbered by. C. No running belts to get snagged by. D.Instead of sending ALL of the chips that escape the (greased)
Drill and tap through the turbo, the shop vac has a chance of grabbing some of the chips.
In the end, the hole is pretty small, the grease trick worked, and I don't think the shop vac had much to get....a couple of sparkles maybe.
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