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Running a M103 out of the car....

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I am building the complete drivetrain of a 2001 300e into a streetrod. :surrender: Don't shoot
To start off, I bought a rusted but running car, so have all the relevant bits to make it run.

Then we built it into the body, but from the start knew that the injection would not fit in the engine bay, so we will have to make an intake manifold and run it off Weber sidies. That is not the problem......yet.;)

What I do need help with is figuring out what is the minimum bits required to make the old girl fire.........i.e the least amount of electronics to be bolted back on / connected to get spark....nothing on the injection side needs to work.. and using as much of what I have???
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This may be a bit simple minded but I would look at what is connected to the ignition system and go from there. I don't know whether the 1991 has the EZL ignition system and don't recall the wiring diagram to the EZL but that would be good starting point.

Regarding Webers, whoa! I had a Porsche with dual triple throat Webers and what a pain. Fuel injection is sooo nice. Always smooth. Easy to start in cold weather. Wouldn't it be easier to figure a way to make the FI fit? Put the throttle on sideways and breathe through an air filter in the wheel well. If looks are important, try chrome finishing the intake pipes or something.

But back to the ignition. Try getting a wiring diagram to the model you have and check what sensors are tapped into for the ignition. Mine has been troublefree for half a million km's. I think the EZL relies on an engine speed sensor and a vacuum signal from the intake but assuming you will have power brakes, you've already thought of vaccum.

BTW, a london cab makes for one funky car. I think that's cool,

Good Luck,
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