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Running a M103 out of the car....

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I am building the complete drivetrain of a 2001 300e into a streetrod. :surrender: Don't shoot
To start off, I bought a rusted but running car, so have all the relevant bits to make it run.

Then we built it into the body, but from the start knew that the injection would not fit in the engine bay, so we will have to make an intake manifold and run it off Weber sidies. That is not the problem......yet.;)

What I do need help with is figuring out what is the minimum bits required to make the old girl fire.........i.e the least amount of electronics to be bolted back on / connected to get spark....nothing on the injection side needs to work.. and using as much of what I have???
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I'm confused. You say that you want to run an M103 out of the car. You say that you are building the complete drivetrain of a 2001 300E into a streetrod.
But a 2001 300E is not a 124 chassis vehicle, the subject of this forum.
And a 2001 300E certainly does not have an M103.
Sorry should read 1991.
The motor needs to run in another vehicle in other words...and I need to know what needs to be taken out of the 124 shell to do that, but the absolute minimum.
I can't figure out why the fuel injection won't fit in the engine bay, but Weber sidedrafts would. Sounds like an interesting project, nonetheless.
The whole fuel injection system sticks out quite a bit past the side of the engine. With shorter runners and 3 sidies it can just be made to fit. It would look a whole lot better too.....;)

Not forum friendly, but if/when we get it done I will post up pictures.
Engine is going into a London taxi which I am hotrodding a bit.....:)

I don't want to cut the car too much the reason the engine has to fit in the old space left by the 4 banger. Also it needs to look somewhat shiny carbs and dumping all the pipes and wires from the FI......this where it went in (need to upload the pics of it fitted still, but it is in already).

after this suspension and brake mods & then cutting the rust out. :thumbsup:

Sooo anyone with help getting spark......????
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1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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