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Rubber Vacuum Line Connector Kit?

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does anyone out there know of a "complete set" replacement kit of all the little black rubber vacuum line junctions for the 85? or do u have to buy each and every one separate from mercedes? mine are all beginning to fail one by one due to being cooked here in south florida for 20 years, with some cold too in germany for 3 years during the 90's. they are crumbling.
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I don't think there are kits for these, you might want to get alot of the rubber vacuum hose and just cut them to desired lengths. As for the connectors ("Y" and "+" ones) just get a set of them, depending on how much you want to change. If you're redoing the entire engine go for around 5 each, that way you have enough for spare if any decide to go. I would keep the little plastic color-coded ones though! Clean them inside out while you're at it.

EDIT: Mercedes Source has a kit but only includes a few items...just watch out for his prices
The black vacuum hose itself is a common item available at wal-fart or advance auto- but the j, y, and u connectors as well as the + can be had for small change at the dealer. Don't go wasting your time ordering them online when you can get them cheap enough down the road at MB.
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