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new to ownership of 190e 2.3 and first time i've had a 4cylinder. is 65 mph with 3000 rpm's a normal ratio? seems high but new to 4cylinders. anyone know where i find the shifting rpm info? thanks
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i also had a rpm/mph question. i have an '88 190E (2.3.. stifling 8V) and at 3500 rpm i'm going about 70-72. if i go up to 80 (mach 1 for the 190E :)) it hits right around 4000. is this normal?? i also read on here about a timing retard resistor. does that apply the the 2.3s too?? can i try and remove it or should i find/order the 2.4Kohm (do i have to go to the dealer for that??).

1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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