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new to ownership of 190e 2.3 and first time i've had a 4cylinder. is 65 mph with 3000 rpm's a normal ratio? seems high but new to 4cylinders. anyone know where i find the shifting rpm info? thanks
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You can download a copy of the W201 manual in the FAQ section. It doesnt contain much on the tranny's though. You mentioned something about yours not down shifting are you having problems with the tranny
i also had a rpm/mph question. i have an '88 190E (2.3.. stifling 8V) and at 3500 rpm i'm going about 70-72. if i go up to 80 (mach 1 for the 190E :)) it hits right around 4000. is this normal?? i also read on here about a timing retard resistor. does that apply the the 2.3s too?? can i try and remove it or should i find/order the 2.4Kohm (do i have to go to the dealer for that??).


Check here for a real good explination on the resistor. You can get different sized resistors from the dealerPerformance Upgrades and yes the RPM's are normal mine runs about the same.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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