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2011 R350 BlueTec
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IDParts has always carried a full lineup of official specification, European motor oils
for diesels. We are adding ROWE, a global manufacturer of auto and industrial lubricants,
with products ranging from engine oils, gear and hydraulic oils, bio-lubricants,
fuel additives, and more. Always Made in Germany (at their state of the art plant), with
official approvals from VW, BMW, Mercedes and others! Check out our
full line up of ROWE products here.

  • This new formulation carries all the latest European approvals for modern Mercedes,
    BMW & Chevrolet common-rail engines requiring low-ash, high protection oil.

  • Approvals: VW 507.00, MB 229.52, BMW LL-04, GM dexos2

  • Older diesels typically prefer 5w40 weight oils and don’t need low-ash additive packages.
    For these cars Hightec SYNTH RSi is perfect. Our pick for rotary pump TDIs & pre
    2006 Mercedes engines!

  • Approvals: VW 505.00, Mercedes 229.3

  • 40k oil and filter changes are vital to keeping your DSG transmission healthy.
    Rowe DCGII was designed specifically for unique requirements of the DSG transmission.

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