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1988 Mercedes 300SE
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My 216000 mile 300se runs a bit rough on start. Starts fine, fires right up, but acts rough for about 10 seconds. Then, for the first 3 minutes of driving, there is some hesitation until she warms up a bit, then... sweet perfection. Purrs along, responds instantly, idles nice, and pulls strong, for a 103.

Right after the start, I have a bit of what sounds like lifter noise, along with low oil pressure for a few seconds, maybe attributed to the low rpms on initial start as it comes to life. Punch it a little a time or 2, and the ticking goes away.

Subsequent starts, as long as the engine is somewhat warmed up, no problems. No noise, no roughness, no ticks.

New fuel filter, new plugs, wires, 20/50 GTX Hi Mileage oil.

Wucha think?

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