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Rough Warm Tickover / Poor Cold Start / Vacuum..?

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Hi, a couple of weeks ago, I thought I would treat my 280CE with a trip to the Mercedes dealer for valve adjustment and check the CO, tune up etc. and I asked them to check as I thought she was running rich (fumy at the exhaust) so they advised me they have set it a bit lean...?

Tickover and start up has always been great, but since it came back she starts almost with a delay feeling, so when you turn the key you hear it click and nothing really happens.....and then she springs into life, also she seems to be poor on cold start, with a low rev tickover in P .?

When she is warm, she ticks over okay in P (around 8,000 rpm) but when you put it into drive, firstly it lurches the whole car quite violently, and the tickover drops to around 5,000 rpm and she struggles to keep running. She is fine when I am actually moving along, no problems until I get to a junction or traffic lights and then she struggles - she actually stalled on me a couple of times late last week.

I have spoken to the dealer about it and am taking it back to them. But before I do, I want to check for anything that it may be - I don't want to be taking it in at great expense if it is not something they did and they just diagnose and charge me through the nose for something else.

This is such an obvious and big problem, I am wondering if it is vacuum related, as I know this can cause all kinds of problems. Also, just noticed last night that my headlight vacuum height adjustment no longer it just coincidence..could they be linked..what can I check...?

Would setting the engine to run too lean cause this problem..??

Would appreciate anyones' advice...

Cheers, Martyn.