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Rough upshift from time to time

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My 08' will give me rough upshift from time to time when I step on it (@ 50% throttle) and then lift off during overtaking, etc. It feels almost like you are driving a manual and you let out the clutch improperly and results in a jerky upshift. Is this normal?
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Many 7g transmission owners have complained of jerky shifting. It varies in degree of
The largest complaint early on was the downshifting from 3-2-1. There was a massive
undertaking by MB to change the software and then valve bodies.

If possible I would see if it left a code as it sounds like something in the electronics
that control the shifting may be starting to act up.

The reason I say that is that there are a few possibilities that could have caused this.
The perplexing part is that it is not happening constantly.

How many miles are on the car?
I forgot you had the 4matic. I also have the 5 speed 722.6 transmission. 84k miles and
it has never done that to me. It has always been smooth. I am at a loss. Do you have a way
to get the codes checked without getting nailed by dealer pricing?
I just realized you are under warranty. Get this noted at the dealer and have the codes
read. Under warranty with a transmission complaint the dealer should not charge you
for the diagnosis. At least here they don't
I did post that just above after realizing how new your car is. That way a record of the
customer complaint of a possible malfunction is on record with a dealer. That is something
I would absolutely do.
It worked on my ML. I can;t speak for the future, but it is worth doing.

They may just find something now that is covered on the warranty and get you all fixed up.
1 - 5 of 11 Posts
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