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Rough upshift from time to time

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My 08' will give me rough upshift from time to time when I step on it (@ 50% throttle) and then lift off during overtaking, etc. It feels almost like you are driving a manual and you let out the clutch improperly and results in a jerky upshift. Is this normal?
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Mine is a E350 4M (5g?) at 21k. On one occasion, I could hear a loud bang in the gearbox and a massive jolt as if someone just hit me from behind.

My dealer found out that my gearbox was leaky during scheduled maintenance a couple of months ago and replaced the gearbox seal. Don't know if this rough upshift has anything to do with something that was damaged when the gearbox was running low on oil.
Is this a known issue or it's just something goofy with my gearbox? What should the code read if it's really a problem?
I did post that just above after realizing how new your car is. That way a record of the
customer complaint of a possible malfunction is on record with a dealer. That is something
I would absolutely do.
If the issue is on record, does it mean I'll still be covered when the warranty expires?
Here is my experience I had a problem when you step on it and u rev it lets say up to 4000rpm and let go of the gas and up shift will be hard like you would dump a clutch in a manual mounts ware gone one so i change them and it improved but still had the same problem.I had service D come up then i accessed the manual in the cluster reset all the service and the shifting has never been so smooth.No more clutch dumping up shifting don't know what happened but it fixed it self
Do you need a special tool to do the cluster reset?
1 - 5 of 11 Posts
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