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Rough idle no CEL

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Hi, my 06 E500 wagon has a rough idle but no CEL
When I run a diagnostic I get a Y58/4 (charcoal canister shut-off valve) or Y58/1 (open purge valve) fault.
Could either one be the rough idle issue? Since I'd think bad sparks or injectors would throw a CEL code.
Thank you for any replies.
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Yes, start with canister shut off valve current part # 0004707193 + 2114400334 adapter line. Current purge valve 0004705593 if need be. Not cheap check return policy. BTW not sure what scanner you're using but y58/4 is not applicable but rather y58 for 113.969 engine.

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When I got the car, the SA told me I had a bad spark plug, which accounts for the rough idle.
Any proof provided or simply hearsay, where are diagnostics. Yes, "normally" spark plug malfunction would show misfire code. Less than 12 months since repair, see if they will agree to pulling codes again using Xentry.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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