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Rough idle no CEL

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Hi, my 06 E500 wagon has a rough idle but no CEL
When I run a diagnostic I get a Y58/4 (charcoal canister shut-off valve) or Y58/1 (open purge valve) fault.
Could either one be the rough idle issue? Since I'd think bad sparks or injectors would throw a CEL code.
Thank you for any replies.
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Thank you very much for your reply.
So here then is my real question. Believe it or not but I just yesterday got the car back from the dealer. You may remember that they swapped the rear airmatic bags. When I got the car, the SA told me I had a bad spark plug, which accounts for the rough idle. So a bad plug would through a misfire code, wouldn't it?
Regarding the canister, they did a full diagnostic when I brought it in, no fault on the evap system. But now, after they had to take down the rear end to replace the bags, the canister is right there, now I have a canister issue? Pretty coincidence, don't you think? Or am I way off.
Thank you
Looks like my purge valve is a two part component. A "filter(?)" and what looks like a solenoid?
If so, can I test the solenoid by pulling the plug and supplying separate 12v to hear it click? Thanks
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1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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