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Hi all, looking to do a brake job on my 01 e320 4matic wagon. Can anyone recommend a good aftermarket set of rotors/pads? Not looking for anything high performance, just normal driving here. Really, just looking for a cheaper than OEM with decent functionality setup. thanks!
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i'm changing my friend's front rotors + pads in his 2001 e320 tomorrow. we picked up the akebono pads and rotors from advance auto parts earlier today, all for less than $120. advance auto parts carries akebono pads, and with coupon BIG35 you can get $35 of $85 if you buy online and can just pick up the pads from store. also their wearever brand rotors are decent and will easily handle 2 sets of pads.
the akebono pads are $73, add 1 can of brake parts cleaner $3 and 1 bottle of chevron techron for $9 to bring the total slightly over $85. add code BIG35 and that will bring the total to $50.
the rotors are $50/each, so $100 for both. add code BIG35 and that with bring the total to $65.
you can just pick up the parts at the store moments after the online transaction. but you have to put the pads and rotors as separate orders to get the best deal. $115 for 2 rotors, akebono pads + sensors, 1 can of brake cleaner and 1 bottle of techron sounds like a good deal to me.
-- purchased 4 Brembo Rotors for the oldest Lexus I own and was very disappointed that one of the sets came "made in China". Car has a lot of miles on it and I felt that the cost of the OE was excessive since I'm only planning on keeping it a year or so.
brembo rotors on my friend's e320 lasted less 1 year and started to warp, the pads were semi-metallic oem pagid. i put them on myself and i remember they were 'made in china", but now days seems that everything is made in china. i also heard from someone else that brembo rotors are thinner than oem and they don't last more than 1 set of pads. maybe they last longer with a softer brake pad like organic, but they don't last long.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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