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Hi all, looking to do a brake job on my 01 e320 4matic wagon. Can anyone recommend a good aftermarket set of rotors/pads? Not looking for anything high performance, just normal driving here. Really, just looking for a cheaper than OEM with decent functionality setup. thanks!
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Cancer Reasearcher - I would be interested to know what you found unsatisfactory about the OE pads/ Rotors. I have never had a bit of problems using the OE stuff. Although you can't go wrong with the Akebono and the Zimmerman stuff

Is Zimmerman an OE to Mercedes -- I know they make rotors for Porsche -- but for whatever reason the OE from Porsche look nicer.
CR -- Thanks for the explanation. Between personal and business I currently have 15 cars to take care of. Over the years I have had my share of poor performing aftermarket parts.....especially brake.

The internet has allowed for much better pricing on OE parts. I believe the wholesale price quote for 4 rotors and two pad sets was $400.00 from my local dealer - I believe the sensors also. So not bad.

I have had excellent results with the Akebono pads on two Lexus vehicles -- I can get them from Lexus for under $45.00 (online) a set.

-- purchased 4 Brembo Rotors for the oldest Lexus I own and was very disappointed that one of the sets came "made in China". Car has a lot of miles on it and I felt that the cost of the OE was excessive since I'm only planning on keeping it a year or so.
The "Made in China" did not give me a warm fuzzy feeling about the rotors or Brembo -- The other set came from italy.

Years ago I had no issues with Brembo or Zimmerman. I now get my Porsche parts from Sunset out west so I have not ordered Zimmerman rotors for quite a while.
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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