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I have a 1999 SLK230. The roof won't open. No movement, won't unlock, nothing at all. I close the luggage cover, pull up hand brake, key on, checked the hydraulic oil. but nothing. The roof won't unlock, trunk won't fold back. Even the windows won't roll down unless I let go of the button and then pull it again, then the windows will roll down. Even when I manually unlock the hinge, the roof won't fold at all. When I pull up on the button I can hear the hydraulic pump pumping. Also the the trunk rearward hinge won't lock, I can just pull the trunk rearward and it will open. I read the Vario roof diagnostics & troubleshooting guide, but when I pull up on the roof button it just says red, no blinking red light.

Any ideal where I should start?

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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